Our Story

Welcome to Brushed, where innovation in oral care meets personal convenience. Our journey began with a simple yet profound realisation: the need for a more sustainable and user-friendly approach to electric toothbrushes and their replacement heads.

The Spark of Innovation

Our story started with one of our Directors, Vincent Rea, facing a common yet frustrating problem. After using a leading brand's electric toothbrush, he discovered that the replacement heads for his model were discontinued. The only solution offered was to purchase an entirely new toothbrush. This experience highlighted a significant gap in the market – a lack of continuity and consideration for the consumer's convenience and investment. It was this moment of inconvenience that sparked the idea for Brushed.

Meet the Team

Talise is the heartbeat of our promotional events and design coordination. Her expertise in crafting streamlined systems ensures that our operations run smoothly and efficiently. Her passion for the brand and its values adds a personal touch to our outreach efforts.

Sam is our creative powerhouse. With 12 years in the dental industry, her flair for design and aesthetics brings color and life to Brushed. Her innovative approach to branding and marketing has been instrumental in making our products not just tools for oral hygiene but a part of our customers' lifestyle.

Vin is the brainchild behind Brushed. He brings his strategic acumen and business savvy to the forefront. His vision is the cornerstone of our company, focusing on creating a business model that not only addresses a market need but also prioritises customer convenience and sustainability.

Our Mission

At Brushed, we're more than just an electric toothbrush company. We're a team dedicated to redefining oral care. Our subscription model for replacement heads ensures that you never have to worry about finding the right fit for your toothbrush or facing obsolescence. We believe in providing a seamless, hassle-free experience that keeps your dental care routine consistent and effective.